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23/04/13 00:24. (Replies: 3)

Review of Slugline screenwriting software

Last week (the 18th of April 2013 to be precise), a new screenwriting app hit the Mac App Store with the screenwriting-friendly title of "Slugline" - so I took it for a spin to kick its tyres.

Some of you hardened Movie Draft users will be blissfully unaware that there are other screenwriting apps out there, and you may want to look away now in which case, but the truth is there are now increasingly more and more apps (I use this term instead of "applications" or "programs" so I'm down-wit-da-k...

20/03/13 22:17. (Replies: 15)

No, no. Sorry, we have no bananas...

Before I outline the Movie Draft Roadmap™®© in all its fruity glory, I'd just like to point out some new additions to the website:

1. Unsubscribe link in email notifications
After the "opt in, opt out" blog post last week, Darren Priest's reply re: possible spam infringement got me thinking. So, to keep everyone happy (and ultimately stay out of any spam lists) I've created a familiar "unsubscribe" link which will now appear at the bottom of any new topics which you get emailed about. Cli...

07/03/13 17:00. (Replies: 16)

Cocoa For Breakfast

I feel as though I should start this blog in a confessional "forgive me, it's been a while since my last blog post" manner, because let's face it, I've hardly been vocal over the last year or so. Some of you who know of my bite by the Black Dog will have an inkling as to part of that, and my previous post about "To Opt In or to Opt Out." should explain the rest. In any case...

Many of you have asked if Movie Draft is still in development because of my blog absenteeisms (again, see previous post...

07/03/13 15:11. (Replies: 10)

To Opt In or to Opt Out. THAT is the question...

When I came to wanting to update Movie Draft's progress over the last year, I found that only 3 people, yes that's right, THREE people were following the "News and Announcements" thread on my website. Only three people were interested in knowing what was going on with its development, or so it seemed, so it was all a bit pointless going to the effort of writing blog posts or news announcements to such a small audience. So I didn't.

Yet bizarrely, I'd frequently get emails from people asking of ...

21/02/12 20:06. (Replies: 3)

Using social media as a marketing tool. Or trying to...

OK, so I have my website done - check. I have my blog set up - check. I've created a Facebook group - check, and I'm ready to tweet my little blue lungs out with with Twitter - check, checkedy check!

So how do I get people to follow me?

Hmm. It's a dilemma. Obviously, first port of call is to beg, steal and borrow. I roped as many of my friends as I could fathom (not many, I'm pretty anti-social as it turns out. Who knew?) into "Like"ing my page and following my tweets, but I soon ...

14/02/12 12:00. (Replies: 6)

To boldly go...

Software development is a strange thing. Unless you are developing it for a company, you are ultimately doing it from your own point of view and for your own needs.

Case in point, when I wrote Movie Draft I wrote it as screenwriting software that would fit into my way of thinking. Turns out that certain features which were not important to me, were important to others - anti-aliased fonts, the ability to change fonts from Courier and BIU (bold, italic, underline) - amongst other things.

02/02/12 02:02. (Replies: 0)

A website is born...

...or how to create a website in only nine months!

Blimey. It seems like forever ago when I first released Movie Draft SE onto the "Mac App Store" to an unsuspecting public and an ill-prepared me. It seems like 6, 7, maybe 9 months ago - easily. And that's because it was.

I won't harp on here about the troubles I had last year with depression and the like as you can read all about that in another blog post if you're that way inclined. Suffice to say that things went down hill (ment...

02/02/12 01:58. (Replies: 0)

Movie Draft vs Final Draft vs Microsoft Word

So what is the difference between Movie Draft, Final Draft and Microsoft Word...?

Screenplay software, scriptwriting software, screenwriting programs, screenplay programs or scriptwriting programs. Call them what you like. They have many different names but ultimately endeavour to fulfil the same common task - to help you write a screenplay. Or at least, they should.

So why can't I just use Microsoft Word?

Well you can, to an extent, and that's exactly what most people...

13/12/11 21:38. (Replies: 2)

Time, sand and the gaps between my fingers

Where to start... Hmm...

Well, some of you may have began to think that I had fallen off the face of the earth, and in some ways I guess I had, so I thought it best to write something just in case you'd figured that I'd given up, ran away to Alaska to live in a bus or turned into jam. (That's UK-jam, not US-jelly.)

Luckily, none of the above have yet to happen. Which is good. Jam wouldn't be at all welcome in my current trying-not-to-eat-sugar-apart-from-cheesecake way of life.

15/06/11 20:11. (Replies: 0)

Final DAFT...

I hope this doesn't come across as blunt or harsh, as it's not meant to, but I get some emails from people saying things like "Movie Draft doesn't have the X feature of Final Draft" or "Final Draft has Y feature and I absolutely MUST have that feature before I can use Movie Draft!" - and so on.

This puzzles me somewhat.

Firstly, Movie Draft is NOT Final Draft. Period. It may share the word "draft", and I may have also provided the ability for you to open and save Final Draft files,...

06/04/11 23:23. (Replies: 7)

The Mac App Store - Review Problems

If you own Movie Draft SE and you like it, please read this...

Well, it's been a few weeks now since I released Movie Draft SE on the Mac App Store and I've had two blatant low-rating competitor reviews. These are manufactured reviews put there by competitors to try and tarnish Movie Draft SE's rating and credibility.

How do I know that they're competitor reviews? Simple:

1. They never contacted me for support.
2. They make false allegations about Movie Draft SE....

24/03/11 13:58. (Replies: 1)

Dean, Gene and the magic machine. (Or being careful with character names)

So you've spent two weeks creating the structure and outline of your screenplay. You're happy with how the story flows from a high-level point of view and you're ready to start fleshing out your scenes.


Before you begin, you spend some time thinking of character names. It's a detective story so you feel that something like "Dean" is a good name. Yes, "Dean McCormick", great. Sorted. You then start thinking of your antagonist's name and for whatever reason "Gene Davis" pops i...


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