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Help and Support

If you want to know how to do something in Movie Draft or would like to report a bug or suggest a new feature, here's the place. NOTE: You'll have to log in to be able to view or submit bugs or feature requests.

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News / Announcements

Please ensure that you follow this topic by logging in, clicking on this topic and then the "follow" button so that you are automatically notified when updates occur to Movie Draft, holiday support schedules or when superduper important stuff happens.

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Talk Is Cheap


Writer's Block

Off-topic procrastination is the key here. Feel free to talk about anything and everything providing it's not better suited to another section of the forum.

Last post: 07/03/13 13:43


Reviews and Recommendations

From a good film to a good book, a night out at the West End or a brilliantly written screenplay. If you've got something to critique, here's the place. Please keep this on topic.

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Competitions and Events

If you know of any upcoming screenwriting competitions, film festivals or events, please share the details here. Remember to include the location in the subject for events.

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Personal Blog

The Movie Draft blog. Personal musings and ramblings on all things big and small and occasionally the bits in-between.

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