Movie Draft testimonials

I believe that you’ll find Movie Draft to be an essential tool for writing your screenplay or stage play. From outlining and character development to writing and re-writing, but don’t just take my word for it, here are some genuine quotes from Movie Draft users.

  • "This is one of the new breed of writing/screenwriting apps that is about the actual craft. It's elegant, and it's one of the least fiddly writing apps out there."- Sean Coffee
  • "The program has one of the best importing engines I've seen amongst screenwriting programs. I brought in a .txt file exported from Movie Magic Screenwriter 6 and only had to make a few changes to get the formatting the way I like it."- Jeremy Crow
  • "This app does exactly what it says it does. It's a great writing tool for beginning script writers"- MaryEMB
  • "I am in my screenwriting software all day. I bought this to "try it" and find I am going back to it every day because it is so fast easy and efficient."- Reduloid
  • "Movie Draft is a brilliant, user friendly, versatile piece of kit. It actually helps you to be creative because it takes the leg work out of the writing process and leaves you free to concentrate on the head work. Is it as good as Final Draft? I can't compare them because I haven't used Final Draft. But at $249 can FD be eleven times better than Movie Draft? I can't think how."- Paul Sullivan

Video introduction

Get a quick overview of Movie Draft's key features by watching the following video:

View a 15 minute introduction to Movie Draft narrated by it's creator, Mark O'Neill