Refund Policy

The refund policy is quite simple. There isn't one. A refund, that is.

Harsh? Let me explain.

In this day and age of consumerism overload, we're all used to being able to buy anything we want, take it back any time we want and get a full refund (or perhaps even something extra if we shout loud enough) for anything we've bought. It's become some sort of liberty, so if we can't flex that might then there must be something wrong with that company. Right? Well, for stuff that you had no idea what it was like before hand and it ends up being nothing like you thought it would be, sure (I recently bought an iPod Nano from eBay which turned out to be a bad Chinese "clone"). But that's not how electronic distribution works. It's zero-risk.

With electronic distribution you are given the opportunity to try out software before you buy. Some vendors give you a 30-day trial period, others (like myself) offer some demo limitation whereby there's no time limit but a key feature will be omitted in the demo version.

Now, you could literally download free trial/demo software all day long and not pay a single thing for the privilege, and that's exactly what you should do as that's what they're designed for - for you to try them, and I could take a snooty highbrow stance and demand that you try the demo version as I have "taken the time to build it" etc., but instead I will just say:

Please try the demo for as long as you like. That's what it's for. You'll soon figure out if it does or doesn't fit in to your way of working, and it won't have cost: (a) you a penny to find it out, (b) me any time or effort in sorting out your refund (when I could be developing Movie Draft) and (c) you any effort or stress in chasing up the refund in the first place.

It's a win-win situation. :-)

Enjoy the Demo,


Video introduction

Get a quick overview of Movie Draft's key features by watching the following video:

View a 15 minute introduction to Movie Draft narrated by it's creator, Mark O'Neill