Privacy Policy

I take your privacy very seriously. So seriously in fact that I have taken a lot of time developing a system which puts your security first above anything else.


Your email address is stored for verification purposes only - i.e. when you log into the forum etc. Under no circumstances will I sell, share or otherwise disclose your email address to anyone unless it's to comply with law, obviously.

You will never receive a marketing email from me either. I designed the site specifically so that everything, and I mean everything is opt-in*. If you want to keep up to date with Movie Draft's News and Announcements then just click the "Follow" button once you've signed in. You'll receive an email when that topic gets updated. Don't want to receive those emails anymore? Just log back in and click "Unfollow". It's the same procedure for all topics on this site. You are in control of what you want to receive. You'll get no spam from this site.


How many times have we heard on the news that "Website A" has been hacked and the hackers obtained X 1000 email addresses and passwords? All too frequently I'm afraid. For that reason you'll be pleased to know that your passwords are not stored anywhere on my server.

Huh? How do you validate my password then? Good question. Instead of storing your password, I store what is called a "hash" of your password. So for example, if your password was "Piglet99!" the hash of that may be "gQgo49ehFopA23T5gN0Ps1W9gP5n45s2", which is meaningless, then when you log in I hash your password and compare it against the stored hash to see if it matches, so not even I know what your password is. Only you.

Credit Cards

Back to the story with the hackers stealing things from websites, you have nothing to worry on that account either as I don't store your credit card details! All that's stored are the last 4 digits so that I can print out your invoice. The other 14 digits are asterisks. Again, I don't even know your credit card number. Only you.


The Movie Draft app itself contains zero malware, viruses or trojans (provided you downloaded it from this website, obviously) as verified by myself before uploading to the server. Additionally, the only time Movie Draft accesses the Internet is to register your key code or if you deauthorize your machine and to check if there's an update available upon startup.

All in all I have tried to make the privacy policy as simple and transparent as possible - in the way I would want it to be if I was a customer, but if you do have any concerns please do get in touch so that I may allay them.

* So that you may be kept informed of Movie Draft's progress, when you purchase, a forum account will automatically be created for you. When a forum account is created it will, by default, "follow" a few choice topics but you may "unfollow" these at any time.

Video introduction

Get a quick overview of Movie Draft's key features by watching the following video:

View a 15 minute introduction to Movie Draft narrated by it's creator, Mark O'Neill