Movie Draft running on different operating systems and displaying different page themes.

Movie Draft's screenwriting features

There are so many reasons why you should use Movie Draft instead of Microsoft Word, Final Draft or any other type of conventional word processor based software.

Movie Draft is not like other screenplay software. Movie Draft was conceived to be a clutter-free, easy to use yet feature packed application from the ground up.

Every feature implemented into Movie Draft has been thoroughly thought through to be the most user-friendly yet necessary feature a writer needs. From single scene or full screen modes, index card navigation and color-coded editors to a beautiful iTunes-esque status display, scene icons, notes and SceneTime™ to give you accurate running times for your current scene and the entire script.

If there’s a feature not implemented into Movie Draft, chances are you don’t need it. Movie Draft allows you to concentrate on telling your story.

View your screenplay one scene at a time with Single Scene Mode

Staring at a blank page and trying to write a 120 page screenplay from start to finish is not a task for the faint-hearted. In fact, it's the biggest factor in why most writers never finish their screenplay. It's just too much pressure. To eliminate this problem Movie Draft allows you to view your screenplay one scene at a time and you can write your screenplay in any order you want and drag scenes around as you see fit.

Color-code your screenplay to make it easier to read

Staring at a black and white page for hours on end can lead to eye fatigue and doesn't give you a representation of balance between each element in your scene. Click on the Color Highlight feature in Movie Draft and you can instantly see how much action vs dialog you have in your scene, not to mention making reading 10 times easier.

Outline and Index Card views

Movie Draft is not just screenplay formatting software, it has a powerful Scene List which can represent your scenes in a number of ways - index card view, scene names view, scenes with notes, scenes with icons, or a combination of all of these so you can organize your scenes in the way that suits your writing style. All at a touch of a button.

Auto-complete typing features

Movie Draft can auto-complete your character and location elements either by pressing TAB to complete via ghost text or by pressing ENTER to complete via a pop-up menu. Because Movie Draft can do both, you can write to the style that suits you best.

Use TAB and ENTER keys to switch scene elements when typing

Swapping between different elements when typing is a piece of cake with Movie Draft's Tab and Enter key combinations and to make things even easier the Display shows you what the Tab and Enter key will accomplish next.

Final Draft and Movie Magic Screenwriter key styles

If you've previously used Final Draft or Movie Magic Screenwriter and are switching to Movie Draft, you can keep the Tab and Enter shortcuts you're used to by choosing the different key style from the key styles menu.

Find out exactly how long your scenes are with SceneTime™

Ever wanted to know precisely how long each scene of your screenplay is? Well now you can. SceneTime™ lets you do just that. With a quick glance you can see the length of the current scene as well as the total running time of your script.

Easily write as many different versions of each scene in your screenplay

Sometimes you may want to write different versions of your scenes but don't want to throw away or delete the other scenes you've written. Usually to accomplish this you'd cut out the scene from Microsoft Word, Final Draft or any other screenplay software and paste it into a blank document and save it under a different name - just in case you need it in future. Tedious and error-prone.

In Movie Draft, writing multiple versions of each scene is simply a matter of hiding any scenes that you don't want to delete. These scenes will not appear in the editor and won't print out. If you ever want them back again, just show them.

Over 200 built-in icons or you may add your own

Visual cues are more immediate than having to read each scene name when navigating your script. Movie Draft contains over 200 icons to help navigate your scenes, remember where plot-points are or generally aid in writing your script. If those aren't enough, click on the Add New Icon button and you can add your own!

Write in the page theme that suits you

Prefer to have a "traditional" layout when writing? Or maybe full-screen, or white text on a blue? Whatever your preference, Movie Draft's Page Style's can accommodate.

Industry-standard formatting

Whether you're writing a screenplay or a stage play on Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows or Linux, Movie Draft will take care of all the formatting so you don't have to. All you need to do is choose Letter (US) or A4 (UK), everything else is done for you.

How to save a PDF file from ANY Windows program!

There's so much more to Movie Draft so why not download the demo and find out for yourself.

Video introduction

Get a quick overview of Movie Draft's key features by watching the following video:

View a 15 minute introduction to Movie Draft narrated by it's creator, Mark O'Neill

Features list

The following is a list of Movie Draft's features:

  • Clean, uncluttered design.
  • Industry standard formatting.
  • Non-linear writing of your scenes.
  • Single Scene mode. Write your screenplay one scene at a time.
  • Index Card view.
  • SceneTime™ - know exactly how long your scenes and acts are, to the second.
  • Page themes to fit with the way you work.
  • Character development features.
  • Print out Character and Location profiles, including photos.
  • Create as many scenes as you like and hide the ones you're not sure of.
  • Add Icons and Notes to your scenes.
  • Color-code your script for ease of reading.
  • Full-screen mode for uncluttered writing.
  • Group your scenes into acts.
  • Grey-out collapsed acts.
  • American and British spell check.
  • Template-based. Includes screenplay and stage play templates as standard, more will be added with each release.
  • Automatic (MORE) and (CONT'D).
  • Caters for US Letter and European A4 paper.
  • Add notes to any paragraph.
  • Supports Final Draft and Movie Magic Screenwriter TAB and ENTER key strokes.
  • Friendly "Getting Started" guide.
  • Example project included.