"My name's Mark, and I'm Movie Draft's creator. Pleased to meet you."

That's how I usually start my emails to people because I am, genuinely pleased to meet them. It's a pleasure to meet someone who uses software that I created in a little room in a house in Banbury to create new things. It's an honor in fact.

I myself started writing Movie Draft out of the embers of a small program I wrote for Windows a long time ago called SceneWriter Pro. That in itself was written because I had a screenplay to write and just couldn't find the right tool for the job, so I thought I'd write one. Several years later but from that initial seed, came Movie Draft.

With Movie Draft I went back to the drawing board. I felt limited in what I could do with the standard controls you're presented with in a programming environment so I set out to create my own. I started by writing the toolbar which gave me a great grounding in graphics but then soon moved on to the daunting task of writing a text editor from scratch.

After a while things began to take shape. Life's little whims would mean I left development for sometimes months at a time, but I always came back to it. It was like a small glow inside me that just had to see it through to the end. To realize it. Then in March 2011 that realization happened after one last push to get it into the Mac App Store. It was out there. Finally.

I've always been the creative sort - everything you see here was created by me one way or another - the graphics, the design, the programming. I'm just that way inclined. But now that Movie Draft's out there I feel like I have a direction to my creativity - a viable outlet - and I can't wait to see how far I can take its development.

Keep writing,